Otrada Design Chats This Elegant Open Kitchen Refresh

A tone-on-tone color palette visually expands the volume—sans harsh lines—in this stylish Brier Creek Country Club sophisticated-modern open kitchen, where the existing footprint is maximized by reworking the dimensions and scale of the room’s main attraction: the island. Taking center stage, the designated gathering place is intentionally designed to at once downplay the fridge/hood and draw the eyes in as the wow factor in this simply edited and elegant open kitchen to an inviting refined-chic effect. We chat up interior designer Anita Bhattacharya, NCIDQ, of Otrada Design LLC for tricks of the trade on how to mimic the refresh. otradadesign.com

Vertical Vibes
Don’t harsh the vibe. Extend the backsplash tile vertically up the wall to bring the viewer’s eye up toward the ceiling and expand the overall volume of the room. Benefit—a taller appearing ceiling. Better still? No horizontal lines!

Go Tone-on-Tone
For a larger, more cohesive and refined look, keep the wall, tile and cabinetry palette simple via a tone-on-tone palette with color transitions to minimize lightness to darkness (aka sharp value) contrasts. This helps to reduce any one item grabbing your eye so you and your guests see the overall composition of the space.

Zero In
To emulate this modern, inviting look, select a similarly sophisticated neutral wall hue, designate your island footprint and choose a contrasting-yet-timeless countertop color (white, black, taupe). Pop in some black sculptural pendant lights—and, well, good luck getting the guests to go home. 

1st Choice Cabinetry, Raleigh

City Rock Fabrication, Raleigh

Fruit Stand

Heidi Donohue at GTHRd, Cary 

Wall Paint Color 
SW 7014 Eider White, Sherwin-Williams

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