Paddleboard Picks to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

You board? Make waves for these local paddleworthy parks. 

Life is all about balance. And studies show that grabbing a paddle is not only a serene and picturesque way to be one with the outdoors (can we get an “om, yeah” for all our paddleboard yogis?!), but it boasts a slew of physical and mental benefits—think core strength, stamina, vitamin D, stress relief and joint stability. And the activity’s popularity only continues to swell. … So water you waiting for? Grab your board for a stand-up time at one of these Raleigh watering holes. How SUP-er

Lake Johnson Park
When in doubt, paddle it out! Launch from this park’s sandy shores for a trip around the 150-acre lake encircled by a scenic walking/bike trail. 

Lake Crabtree County Park
Oozing with ops for the outdoor enthusiasts, these 520 acres of flood-controlled waters are worth the trip. Just row with it.

William B. Umstead State Park
Nestled about 10 miles northwest of DTR, this relaxing reservoir (well, three reservoirs) deserves a standing O for its paddling pleasures. SUP-reme, indeed!

Lake Wheeler Park
Whatever floats your boat—er, board! Take a paddle into history via 650 acres of lake that’s doubled as Raleigh’s and Wake County’s primary water supply since 2010. Way to make waves!

Lake Raleigh
SUP, NC State! Board up for a water-ful experience on Centennial Campus if you’re in the mood for a more mellow day out on the lake.

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