photographers booking new business

photographers booking new business

GREENSBORO, N.C.— Event calendars are filling back up, rescheduled wedding dates are fast approaching, and many businesses are starting to see the benefit of lifted restrictions.

Photographers are usually at the top of the list of necessities for big events, and there are several standing by with the hope of refilling their schedules.

What You Need To Know

  • Photographers are starting to see their calendars fill back up as restrictions are lifted
  • Some are seeing an increase in headshot requests, as more people continue their job hunt
  • Many photographers are also getting requests from businesses that increased their digital footprint in 2020

It hasn’t been an easy year, however, for photographers like Greensboro-based Betsy Blake.

“Right when quarantine hit, I lost a bunch of business,” Blake said. “Like weddings and events and the photography side definitely slowed down.”

She was forced to navigate the world of new restrictions and cancelled plans. But she also had a web design branch of her business to fall back on, which helped to keep her afloat.

“I think we’ve had time to think about our businesses, what we enjoy, what we don’t enjoy and how we want to approach the world,” Blake said. “And I think as it starts warming up, as restrictions are loosening, people are excited about putting themselves out there in a variety of ways.”

You can visit Blake’s website here.

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