Raleigh Magazine Reveals Print and Web Brand Refresh

A note from Gina Stephens

We know Raleigh Magazine looks different. This issue unveils our print and website refresh, including a bold new logo, reimagined under the direction of RM Creative Director Liz Comella alongside Mike Rosado’s team at MRC, a local brand design studio. 

The first issue of Raleigh Magazine hit newsstands in September 2015. For years I had been planning and plotting its inception. How Raleigh didn’t already have its own namesake magazine was beyond me—so the name was easy. Finding the font or visual representation for the masthead, however, was not easy… and it took some time, but we finally came up with a logo.

Fast-forward eight years, and Raleigh is very different. Our population is nearing a half-million, with upward of 70 people moving here on the daily—not to mention two kindergarten classes born countywide each day. We’ve watched the city we love grow into not just a best place to live, but a beacon of the South. And as the voice of  Raleigh, we chronicle her rise and protect her values and identity no matter how big she gets.

Raleigh Magazine is also different. After almost a decade taking you inside city issues—from legislation to libations—we have grown into a multichannel media company with more than 350K monthly readers, visitors, listeners and followers. To wit, our “new look” has an energetic feel and better reflects the magazine’s content and creates a cohesive, dynamic, recognizable city brand.  

“Inspired by the growth of Raleigh and the magazine’s trusted presence in the city, our aspiration was to create a brand that embodies the core values of credibility and authenticity,” says MRC designer Kaitlin Peterson regarding the vision for the revamp. “This new brand emanates a commanding presence, striking a harmonious balance between precise lines and elegant curves. In doing so, it combines local history with the future of Raleigh. We wanted to make something unique and influential that expresses Raleigh Magazine is the voice of the city.”

Raleigh Magazine is the only magazine in town delivering in-depth coverage and exclusive stories. We take you inside the issues, events and flavors that matter most to our city. If it happens in Raleigh, you hear it here first. 

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