Raleigh man charged with insurance fraud

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey today announced the arrest of Seth Frazier, 27, of 10870 Broadview Drive, Raleigh. Frazier was charged with insurance fraud, a felony.

Special agents with the Department of Insurance’s Criminal Investigations Division accuse Frazier of telling Progressive Insurance that he had a vehicle accident after he reinstated his insurance coverage when the crash actually occurred while there was a lapse in coverage.

The offense occurred between Feb. 2 and June 8.

Special agents and Raleigh police arrested Frazier on June 15.

“It’s estimated that property and casualty insurance fraud costs insurance customers $120 billion a year in increased premiums,” said Commissioner Causey. “The Department of Insurance has reinforced its criminal investigations procedures and personnel in an effort to make more arrests to keep fraud from driving up insurance costs.”

If you suspect insurance fraud or other white-collar crimes, you can report it anonymously by calling the N.C. Department of Insurance Criminal Investigations Division at 919-807-6840. Information is also available at www.ncdoi.gov.

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