Raleigh Tapped for Merz Aesthetics’ Seminal Confidence to Be Initiative

Merz Aesthetics has everyone around the world talking—and Raleigh is part of the conversation. 

Frankfurt, Mexico City, Singapore and Raleigh. These are the four regional hubs global medical aesthetics titan Merz Aesthetics chose to exhibit its seminal Confidence to Be initiative—with Raleigh, its global HQ, serving as the sole stateside selection.

Tapping into employee esteem—fitting for a company built on instilling confidence—the initiative uniquely merges business, art, self-acceptance and community by simultaneously celebrating
confidence and creating dialogue. At a time when our cultural focus is set largely on work/life balance, mental health and employee happiness, Merz Aesthetics’ groundbreaking global campaign queried employees the world over “What gives you confidence?”—then compiled responses by region and conveyed them to select local artists to inspire four unique art pieces. 

To that end, the initiative tells a unique—even unheard—story on a scale never before seen by “tapping into artists around the world to bring stories of confidence to life through a unique lens and medium,” says Merz Aesthetics CEO Bob Rhatigan. “We sought out artists in these locations who offered a unique perspective of confidence and who could create a work that would represent our employees in an authentic and inspiring way.” 

“Confidence to be is fundamentally about respecting and empowering individuals. We feel more confident when we feel accepted, included and respected.”

—Wasim Rahman, Merz Aesthetics Assistant General Counsel

Here in Raleigh, that intuitive artist is Candy Carver. “We knew Candy would be able to capture the essence of our employees in North America through an exciting, colorful and textured piece of art that resonates with everyone who views it,” says Rhatigan. “Candy’s aesthetic approach aligns well with representing the welcoming and vibrant community of Raleigh.”

Utterly distinct from its three campaign counterparts, Carver’s masterpiece, “Confidence Inspired by Merz Aesthetics North America,” truly “met the challenge of translating our employees’ confidence stories into art,” says Rhatigan. Drawing from words from employees’ direct responses, Carver’s use of black and white (a nod to the company’s logo), and enriched with bright, bold colors and patterns, is at once poignant and impactful—down to the figures that comprise the foreground to reflect the four hubs around the world. 

“Confidence to be is a mindset—when you feel confident about yourself, you believe you have an important and meaningful place in the world.”

—Sandra Dewberry, Merz Aesthetics Senior Manager, Head of Global Medical Operations

So at a time when #WorkLife is a trending topic and no doubt at a crossroads, Merz Aesthetics’ ambitious avant-garde initiative is rooted in its past (with the legacy of confidence built in its very DNA)—and in our future. “By highlighting some of the stories of our employees and the art that was inspired by them, we hope that others are empowered to share their own unique sources of confidence,” says Rhatigan.

And beyond the framework of these four artworks, in its constant effort to find new ways to connect with consumers, health care pros, employees and industry leaders, Merz Aesthetics has also launched a global social media conversation to engage individuals to share their own unique confidence stories using #ConfidenceToBe in hopes that conversation “will foster connection and engagement among these audiences online as well,” says Rhatigan.

The takeaway? It’s about confidence (clearly)—and connection. “I hope the Raleigh business community and community at large believe in the power of confidence as much as we do,”
says Rhatigan. “Medical aesthetics treatments today are less about drastically changing one’s appearance, and more used as a tool for self-expression. … I hope our community feels empowered by this initiative to create their own vision of what confidence means to them—inside and out.”

“This is how I live my life. My life is around confidence and joy and gratitude. This just happens to align really well with who I am already.”

—Candy Carver, artist

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