Reborn’s Beer to Bag’s Program Converts Woven Waste to Want

Giving you yet another reason to be an eternal hoptimist: Reborn’s Beer to Bags program. Acting as a sort of “relief pitcher” if you will, Reborn—whose entire MO is converting waste to want—answered the call when Raleigh Brewing Company approached them seeking a way to salvage the tons of empty woven grain bags brewers are left with in the brewing process that wind up in dumpsters nationwide on the daily. Enter this crafty initiative—aka your new fave market tote (or, come summer, the perf beach tote to throw a few beers in… a true full-circle moment), repurposing the bags’ untapped (ahem) potential into upcycled totes that satisfy the consumer—and the planet. “Beer to Bags is a fun, meaningful solution to a needless environmental problem,” says Reborn founder and CEO Emily Neville. “Once the idea got started, we were off to the races…” Since its initial partnership with RBC, Reborn has added over a half-dozen statewide breweries to the program (including local hoppy heavyweights Trophy Brewing Co., R&D Brewing, Bond Brothers Brewing Company and Deep River Brewing Co.)—not to mention another half-dozen-plus beyond NC’s borders. And, now, uncorking its full potential, Reborn just added wine carriers (look for its initial run at Wine Authorities) to the mix, with plans to extend the product line to include backpacks as well. So if you’re in the market for a totes adorbs, well, tote, head to the taproom—hey, it’s the yeast you can do.

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