Robots Have Rolled Into Raleigh Via ROBOPARK Display


ROBOPARK rolls into Raleigh to promote STEM education.

ICYMI, the robots are here! Crabtree Valley Mall is no longer just a shopping and dining destination, but a portal into the future of technology and STEM (!). ROBOPARK made its debut at Crabtree July 19 (through Aug. 20) and offers an immersive and innovative experience to anyone who’s nuts about robots.

Featuring 50 robots from the world over, the park includes Promobot V4, famed for lectures at a gamut of universities—and who has the capacity to remember your face and greet you—plus, robo dog Unitree GO1, who emulates a real pup. (Pro tip: Maybe don’t watch Season 4 of Black Mirror before  visiting…). And if you’re famished from a day of conversing with bot, flag down CSJ Amy, the waitress and housekeeper robot at the ready with a beverage or gift. 

“We are thrilled to bring ROBOPARK to the U.S. for the first time,” says Lucy Bee, U.S. expansion manager for Mirey Robotics, the exhibition company behind the park that specializes in organizing scientific and entertainment. “Our goal is to make the latest developments in robotics accessible to the public, fostering curiosity, promoting STEM education and inspiring future innovators.”

ROBOPARK also blurs the lines between virtual reality and the real world, with six VR zones, workshops and an inventor’s certification. Clearly, the future is here! “ROBOPARK is not just a museum; it is a playground for all ages,” maintains Bee. “We are combining the most technologically advanced and unusual innovations in robotics to create a fun and educational experience for all ages.” 

Translation: Whether you’re a tech aficionado or your only experience with robots is The Terminator, ROBOPARK promises fun—and education!—for all. “This is the world now…”


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