Samad Hacbhy Opens New Restaurant at The Dillon

Raleigh Magazine got the exclusive on the new rooftop restaurant and bar on top of The Dillon.

The day The Dillon opened to the public in 2018, Kane Realty Corp. CEO John Kane told Raleigh Magazine Publisher Gina Stephens this restaurant space would only open with a local restaurateur. “We are not bringing in an outsider,” he told her. “This space is too special.”

We’ve known for two years who would be taking that space—and are thrilled to finally reveal La Terrazza, which, fittingly, translates to “the terrace.” The concept by Raleigh restaurateur Samad Hachby of Umbria Hospitality Group (Mulino Italian Kitchen & Bar, Melrose Knitting Mill) is slated to open on The Dillon rooftop in spring 2023. Arguably the most coveted piece of real estate in the food and beverage community—with its 4,000+ square feet of interior space and 1,300+ square feet of outdoor space overlooking one of the best views of the city—it could’ve been leased to anyone, and national bigwigs surely would’ve jumped at the opportunity to open a restaurant there. But Kane stayed loyal to his local ambitions. And Hachby certainly has the chops to create an impressive dining destination. 

Of course, the location helps. The interior dining room featuring floor-to-ceiling glass walls (aka views for days) will seat over 100 people and double as event space for weddings. It will also play host to two bars—one inside and another in an enclosure on the patio (dubbed the Sky Room) boasting accordion glass doors that will remain open when the weather is nice. 

As for the remainder of the rooftop patio, it’s technically a public space commonly used by the tenants of the building. But Hachby envisions that people who come up to the rooftop wanting to get a beverage while they grab a photo for the ’Gram or wait for a table at, say, Barcelona Wine Bar, will have that option. Ultimately, La Terrazza will provide an experience—whether you’re up there on a whim or have a reservation for dinner.

The food, says Hachby, will match the atmosphere. The menu will place a large emphasis on Mediterranean and Italian offerings to include fresh seafood, crudi, handmade pastas and artisanal pizzas. “It’s very healthy fresh food, very delicious—and lends itself to be seasonal, which is part of my style of cooking,” says the prolific restaurateur, who is also known for his cocktail programs. Taking center stage on the drink menu is Champagne and other bubbles—their prominence spotlighted in designated Champagne coolers at the front of the restaurant—alongside wine and craft cocktails. 

The hospitality heavyweight maintains that his travels served as a huge inspiration for the menu. “I’m constantly inspired by visiting other places, especially in the Umbria region of Italy,” says Hachby, “and bringing back the best of my experiences to share with our dining and special event guests right here in the heart of North Carolina.” He adds: “You have to travel; otherwise, you will die in this business.”

So this is it—the creme de la creme of Raleigh rooftop dining. “There’s no place like this in town,” says Hachby. “It’s very iconic.” Cue the excitement!

A project two years in the works, La Terrazza—a Mediterranean- and Italian-focused restaurant and bar by local restaurateur Samad Hachby of Umbria Hospitality Group—is opening at The Dillon rooftop next year. (Jennifer Robertson Photography

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