Sous Terre Opening in Former Atlantic Lounge Space

Now unlocking: a new Crawford cocktail concept

It’s almost time to key into good libations. … Bowing May 10, the now-defunct Atlantic Lounge door will once again beckon patrons—but this time into a newly crafted concept from the mind of local culinary legend Scott Crawford. Designed by Crawford and his wife, Jessica, Sous Terre is set to serve a new look and vibe, with cozy dimly lit environs, amber tones and a refined space feat. nods to the spot’s snake spirit animal. 

“Each of our concepts have a spirit animal connected to tattoo art,” explains Crawford. “Sous Terre means ‘underground,’ so it seemed fitting for the spirit animal to be a snake. It’s also a nod to the ’90s Hollywood Club, The Viper Room.”

At the helm of the cocktail program, find longtime mixologist and Crawford Hospitality ’tender Jordan Joseph, who plans to center the concept around quality classic cocktails by leaning into fine-tuned techniques (the ice is even cut a certain way) and premium spirit selections—along with the high level of hospitality for which Crawford restaurants are known (see: Crawford and Son’s recent James Beard Award nomination for Outstanding Hospitality). 

“I’ve refallen in love with classic cocktails,” says Joseph of his inspiration for the beverage program. “[We want to] show people the best version—I don’t think you can get a lot of really great classic cocktails around town.” One such bev to keep an eye out for is the ramos gin fizz, an involved labor-intensive drink that might just be the *only* proper version found around town. 

“It’s a drink that takes some time to be made the right way,” he elaborates. “If you have the right craft, know-how and communication, [guests] will be happy to wait.” That said, the watering hole’s martinis are also poised to be marvelous, showcasing texture, body and chill—aka “the coldest martini in town!”

Further leaning into the perception of what a typical bar should be, Sous Terre will be open for business seven days per week. “A proper bar is open every single day—even holidays,” explains the tenured bartender. “There’s something so warming about being able to go to a bar on a holiday if you don’t have a family—or if you’re sick of your family and want a drink.”

And keyholders, rest assured: If you’ve already held the keys to Atlantic Lounge, they still work. And if you’re sans key ownership but still in the market to grab a sip below the surface, more keys are available for the taking—NTM Jolie and Crawford and Son diners can enjoy the perk of visiting the watering hole when escorted by a server. 

All in all, sippers of the soon-to-bow underground drinking den can expect an intimate and welcoming space leaning into hospitality and well-made concoctions—with no detail forgotten. See you downstairs!

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