Team Trublue fights violence amid string of homicides

Team Trublue fights violence amid string of homicides

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The string of homicides over the weekend is driving the mission for a community organization called Team Trublue, which aims to fight violence in Charlotte. 


What You Need To Know

Team Trublue fights violence in the city

Founder Will Adams’ work spans the city

He works with families and youth


The founder, Will Adams, says he’s been working to stop senseless killings since his own 15-year-old son’s murder in 2008. 

By day, Adams runs his own business. But in every other hour of his day, he’s speaking with families, sponsoring programs and working with youth. 

In light of three recent homicides, happening hours apart across the city on Sunday, his mission becomes greater. 

“We are killing each other at a high rate, but for what?” he asked. “At the end of the day after you pull the trigger, now you are incarcerated, and you get into that jail cell, and that door closes. What does that look like for you?”

His work spans the city. 

“I am noticing those hot spots of where these violent crimes are happening are not just in one location,” he said. “It’s all over Charlotte, so you can’t just pinpoint where it’s going to happen.”

He wants to spread the message to stop the violence. 

“Put the gun down. Stop doing this. It’s not worth it,” he said.

To get involved with Team Trublue, you can email [email protected].


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