teen pilot shares her passion for flying

teen pilot shares her passion for flying

MOUNT AIRY, N.C. — Numbers from the FAA show only about 7% of all pilots are women. Piper Angel is working to change that. 

Angel grew up around aviation. Her dad is a private pilot, her brother now works for the airlines and she has followed in their footsteps.


What You Need To Know

Women are the minority in aviation, as only 7% of all pilots are women

Piper Angel works with young girls to get the interested in aviation

Angel hopes to start a club at her high school next year to get her peers interested


“It’s what my brain thinks about all the time,” Angel said. “When I’m not doing it, I’m just thinking about it.”

She took her first flying lesson when she was only 9 years old. She flew solo at 16 and got her private pilot license at age 17.

“I had an internship earlier this year in aviation, and they asked how long I’ve been flying,” Angel said. “So I jokingly said, ‘I’ve been breastfed in the back of the airplane. I literally was raised, pretty much born in the 172.’” 

She plans to share her passion with young girls and peers who don’t know much about the industry. 

“I was introduced to it young, and it’s obviously changed the course of my life and given me something really healthy to put my time into,” Angel said. “And I want to help provide the opportunity to other girls.”

She plans to start a club at her high school next year to start turning the aviation industry statistics around.

If you or your daughter would like more information about flying opportunities, Piper invites you to reach out to her directly.

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