The Artist Lounge Is a Brand-New Event Space for Local Artists

A hip hang for local artists promises to inspire creativity

“It’s literally your world back here. Just respect the space, keep the noise down, and do your thing.” So says Georgia Tardy of The Artist Lounge—a brand-new surreal space for local artists.

Nestled in the backyard of the local fine artist and her musician husband Reggie’s DTR abode, the aptly named loungey space—a work of art of its own—was officially launched in June after the couple spent the past three years renovating it into a lush oasis that now plays host to regularly scheduled art-related events. Think art shows, workshops, cooking classes and more, including a tiny desk-style live music event Dec. 3. The on-trend space also serves as a rentable venue for their artistic peers.

What began as an empty lot the couple started renovating as soon as they moved into the home in 2019, The Artist Lounge could easily be mistaken for a hip Miami- or LA-based hang, what with its gorgeous landscaping, including a designated studio, pool, fire pit, cozy seating areas, koi pond (!), and variety of flora and fauna (all of which came from local nurseries, except for the palm trees, natch). 

The Tardys evolved an empty lot into the hip hang that is now The Artist Lounge with the help of Jeremy Hauch, Armature Design, Preston Montague and Fred’s Construction.

But the vibe is anything but exclusive. “As we were designing it, it just became super-inspiring to us and our friends and family members who got to watch the process,” says Georgia. “And we quickly realized other people need to be inspired too.”

The space and its function, she adds, have evolved since they first started playing around with events in April—but the Tardys’ goal has remained the same. “Our vision is to be a creative hub, a space in this community that really focuses on bringing artists together, bringing the community together…” says Georgia. “And I don’t distinguish between artists and creatives—whether you’re a fine artist, writer, photographer, whatever—it’s art. So anybody who needs a space, for anything… we don’t put restrictions on what you do.”

Through word-of-mouth and social media, The Artist Lounge has served many a local creative, with Georgia maintaining its been almost a saving grace for the art community. “The one thing we constantly hear is: ‘We needed this. I needed this,’” she says.

Adds the artist-turned-muse: “We call it The Artist Lounge because that’s what it is—we want artists to come into this space and be inspired, have their imagination rekindled and refreshed so they can then go back out and do their thing. Artists—we give and give and pour out and pour out. … We need to replenish ourselves, and so for us, that’s what this space is.” And, naturally, it’s impossible not to feel inspired in such a beautiful space as this. @theartistloungeraleigh

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