The Blood Connection helping people impacted by tornadoes

Pamela Ferrell donated blood for the first time.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After tornadoes ripped through parts of the country this month, the Blood Connection is helping impacted areas by sending units of blood to hospitals that need the extra supply. 


What You Need To Know 

  • People in North Carolina can continue to help those impacted by the recent tornadoes
  • You can donate through the Blood Connection
  • The Blood Connection is helping connect hospitals to blood supplies during a natural disaster 


And they’re calling on people to donate.

They are one of many partners from around the country who are a part of an emergency response team that connects hospitals to blood supply during natural disasters.

Katie Smithson, the Blood Connection media coordinator, says hospitals are prepared for normal day-to-day needs, but they may not have enough blood supply during a natural disaster because there is no knowing when one can happen.

“It’s the unit on the shelves when an emergency happens to help save lives in that moment,” Smithson said. “We are so appreciative and need donors to come out right away, but that helps us prepare for the next emergency. So, if people are being called to help and don’t really know where to start, blood donation is a great place to do it, because in North Carolina, you can make that impact states away.”

Pamela Ferrell is one person in North Carolina who felt the call to help after the tornadoes. She donated blood for the first time ever in her life.

“To save a life, you never know,” Ferrell said. “Like so many things have happened and then too with the tornadoes and everything people are going through. Maybe my blood will save somebody.”

The Blood Connection says you can help too. You can find out how to donate by going to its website.

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