The Tepper Foundations’ Donation to Inter-Faith Food Shuttle

Panthers owner props up Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.

On the prowl to up his benefactor, well, factor, Panthers owner David Tepper, along with wife Nicole, donated $1.2 million (!) to local food banks across the Carolinas via The Tepper Foundation and the David and Nicole Tepper Foundation. 

“Assisting with essential needs is a critical pillar for our foundations,” said Tepper in a release. “The need is great, and we are proud to support food banks across the region.”

One food bank to benefit is Raleigh’s Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. The donation will provide support for its programs assisting individuals and families facing food insecurity while also supporting its MO for a hunger-free community—to FEED neighbors, TEACH self-sufficiency, GROW healthy foods and CULTIVATE innovative approaches to end hunger. 

“Our agricultural approaches to end hunger in our service areas are a unique opportunity for organizations and individuals alike to become involved in our mission and see the direct impact of their efforts,” says Jonathan Lee, VP of agricultural programs at IFFS. “We are grateful to have a partner in the Tepper Foundation and look forward to seeing the fruits of this relationship develop into life changing impacts in our communities.”

More than just a food bank, IFFS will also be directing a portion of the donation to Gardens for Everyone program, which was launched in 2020 targeting low-income families and orgs as a way to build raised garden beds in the community (think homes, community centers, preschools and transitional housing facilities) in order to provide them the opp to grow their own fresh and nutritious food. With support from the foundations, IFFS will be able to install 100 garden boxes in rural service counties, adding to the food shuttle’s 121 existing beds in Wake and Durham counties.

A portion will also go to IFFS’ Food Shuttle Farm, which provides fresh and nutritious foods to community members in need year-round by distributing fresh produce to Food Shuttle programs such as Mobile Markets, Grocery Bags for Seniors, School Pantries, and other partner agencies to the tune of a net total of 53,000 pounds of produce last year alone. The donations will go toward upgrades, potential expansion as well as efforts to provide educational opportunities for the community via workshops and even internships. 

And you can do your part to help IFFS’ mission as well. With summer soon upon us, IFFS is in need of volunteers to help with crops, as well as the work that will need to be done following the foundations’ donations to benefit the food shuttle’s goal of providing sustainable change by delivering fresh and healthy food to the community. Life’s a garden—dig it. And dig in.

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