Unvaccinated woman explains what COVID-19 is like

Unvaccinated woman explains what COVID-19 is like

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Jasmine Gordan is 32 years old. She thought she was healthy and was waiting for more research on the COVID-19 vaccine. Now, she wishes she had taken the shot.


What You Need to Know 

  • Hospitalizations for COVID-19 have tripled in the last month 
  • About 3,500 are hospitalized due to the virus. Hospitals report most of the patients are unvaccinated 


Since the end of July, Gordan has been carrying around an oxygen tank. She brings it with her when she does laundry, dishes or anything around the house.

“Literally getting up and going up the steps, my heart rate is at like 140 bpm,” Gordon said. “I have had difficulty sleeping, and worry if I am going to wake back up.”

It’s all due COVID-19. Gordan was not vaccinated. She was waiting for more research on shots. 

“I was like ‘I will do it when I do it,’ and then it became too late,” Gordon said. 

Gordan believes she contracted the virus after a trip to Cancun. She tested negative before coming back, but then the symptoms roared in. The illness landed her in the hospital for five days.

“It was lonely and miserable there. Nobody could come visit you,” Gordon said.

Gordon wasn’t allowed to see her daughter for several weeks. After she tested positive she had to let others know who she came in contact with. She said people who were vaccinated weren’t affected as severely as her.

“One person in particular, we believe he contracted the virus from me, he was fully vaccinated and in two days he felt all better,” Gordon said. “I regret it. I wholeheartedly believe if I had made the decision to get the vaccine, my symptoms may not have been as severe.”

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