Vertical Performance Group Bandaloop Dances on 301 Hillsborough

Expanding what is humanly possible while flirting with danger and living life on the edge (literally) is Bandaloop, a 31-year-old woman-founded dance group that uses climbing technology to defy gravity and challenge what is possible. Bounding into Raleigh from their Cali home base, the internationally recognized troupe made symbolic leaps and bounds to fete real estate development firm The Fallon Company’s grand opening of the 301 Hillsborough tower at Raleigh Crossing, aka a dynamic addition to DTR’s skyline serving up 19 stories of striking design via its angular glass facade—NTM 280,000 square feet of office space (currently leasing floors to Pendo) with 12,000 square feet of ground floor retail—to the budding Capital District.

“They say what we do  is death-defying.  I’d say it’s life-affirming.”

—Amelia Rudolph, founder, Bandaloop

“This building is the reason we are here,” says Bandaloop Artistic Director Melecio Estrella. “It’s an honor to work with The Fallon Company, especially with someone like Joe Fallon who understands the power of public art and dance, and works with artists to champion public art. Bandaloop has danced on 330 sites worldwide, and these glass buildings with such height are one of our prime stages because of the reflection and how they become almost part of the sky.” Clearly the sky is not the limit. 

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