Volunteers deliver Christmas meals to people in need

Volunteers deliver Christmas meals to people in need

RALEIGH, N.C. — Despite the COVID-19 surge, volunteers showed up to serve people in their communities on Christmas Eve.


What You Need To Know

Raleigh Rescue Mission gave out around 1,200 Christmas meal boxes to people in need

Longtime volunteer Geetika Jain is back out on the streets for the first time since the pandemic hit

Meals were delivered to seniors who are alone for the holidays and low-income households


Geetika Jain, a longtime volunteer in the area, helped out at the Raleigh Rescue Mission for the first time this year. In fact, it was her first time coming out to serve people since the pandemic hit.

“When I read the instructions, they did say they provide the masks, they provide the gloves and they try to keep social distancing, so I think all that made me feel comfortable that I can come out again and start volunteering in the safe environment,” Jain said.

Her 15-year-old daughter volunteered alongside her.

Jain was one of about 40 volunteers who came out to pack Christmas meal boxes for people in need.

“I think it feels really great,” Jain said. “That you can do something not just for yourself, but for someone else.”

The food, including turkey, green beans, stuffing and mashed potatoes, was cooked by homeless people who are working with the Raleigh Rescue Mission to better their lives.

Jain said her family has been fortunate in the past year, but knows that isn’t the case for everyone. That’s why she felt called to help.

“I am so blessed, and I’m so grateful. We have so many good things at our home and in our lives. We have jobs,” Jain said. “And I know there are people out there who might have lost their job or they might be facing some other difficult circumstances.”

Nearly 100 volunteers, including Jain, drove around on Christmas Eve to deliver the meals across the Triangle. The drop-offs were to people in need, such as senior citizens who are alone for the holidays and low-income families who would otherwise be relying on food stamps.

Jain said she’s grateful to play a small role in spreading kindness to someone who needs it.

“Raleigh Rescue Mission gives us an opportunity to be part of a society and community and give a little bit back to the society. And maybe bring a smile to somebody’s face,” she said.

Organizers at the Raleigh Rescue Mission said they gave out about 1,200 meals. Jain said she is so impressed with how well-organized the event was that she is planning to volunteer with them again in the future.

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