What Does Our Team Eat For Breakfast?

Hey, yolks! Raise a toast with us to our morning meal picks.

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and there’s a celeb out there chomping on cornflakes with orange juice for her breakfast/brain food. Here, what we are (or aren’t) munchin’ on in the morn. 

“I don’t eat breakfast.”

—Gina Stephens, Publisher, @ginasdawgs

“Like Judd Nelson a la Breakfast Club and all misunderstood rebels, ‘[I] feed on hypocrisy and black coffee.’”

—Melissa Howsam, Editor-in-Chief, @mahowsam

“Either a smoothie or a bagel. And definitely coffee.”

—Liz Comella, Creative Director, @liz.comella.design

“Avocado toast 😻”

—Cameron Rhinehardt, Marketing Intern, @camrht

“Usually a smoothie or some fruit—and an iced chai.”

 —Lauren Kruchten, Associate Editor, @laurenn_nicol

“Greek yogurt with fruit! And iced coffee, always.”

—Anna Beth Adcock, Editorial Assistant, @_annabethadcock

“When I have time, I love having an egg and avocado on top of Trader Joe’s GF Norwegian Crispbread. But when I have to dash out of the house I grab a Kind protein bar. And always coffee!”

—Tina Dahir, Account Executive, @tinalovesraleigh

“Plain yogurt with honey, granola and sliced almonds!”

—Debby Serena, Account Executive

“A scramble of eggs, turkey sausage, diced chicken and jalapenos. With sriracha. 😁”

—Sean Junqueira, Contributing Photographer, @seanjunqueira

“I eat multiple breakfasts. 😅 Usually cereal first, then either oatmeal or eggs and toast. And either coffee or a latte.”

—Chelsea Sutton, Contributing Writer

“Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon, granola and fruit—and always, always a giant mug of coffee.”

—Kelsie Barton, Contributing Writer, @kelsie_barton

“I almost always have the following three things: coffee, banana, peanut butter. Either in a smoothie form or PB/banana on toast with a side of coffee. 😊”

 —Susan Holt, Contributing Photographer, Susan Holt Photography, @susanholtphoto

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