What’s the Weirdest Thing You Keep in Your Freezer?

The freezer ain’t just for food. … What’s the “weirdest” thing you keep in there?

The freezer is no doubt the unsung hero of the kitchen. In a recent pod and subsequent article, Bon Appetit unpacked the freezer’s many virtues—and got down to the real cool deets on what random things their editors keep in there. So that got us thinking—and asking—what’s the wildest thing you keep in your freezer? Here, our team spills the (frozen) tea—because we feel like we can really “open up” to you (had to).

“My will and vodka”
—Gina Stephens, Publisher, @ginasdawgs

“Vodka—not only does it make the drink colder, but gives it a texture you just can’t not love. Clearly I’m part Russian.” 

—Melissa Howsam, Editor-in-Chief, @mahowsam

“Gua sha massage tool for facial massage or peanut butter cups (they taste better frozen)”
—Liz Comella, Creative Director, @liz.comella.design

“Eye mask—not for depuffing my eyes, but for putting on my forehead when I have a hangover headache.”

 —Lauren Kruchten, Associate Editor, @laurenn_nicol

“I freeze my grapes—they taste better that way! And plastic bottles of water for my plantar fasciitis. 😂”

—Anna Beth Adcock, Editorial Assistant, @_annabethadcock

“Tequila and gin—even more delicious from the freezer!”

—Debby Serena, Account Executive

“This is more geek than freak, but we have a whiskey ice mold with Darth Vader’s face.”

 —Susan Holt, Contributing Photographer, Susan Holt Photography, @susanholtphoto

“Vodka—I did live in Moscow for 3 years and it has to be served cold.”
—Tina Dahir, Account Executive, @tinalovesraleigh

“My freezer nails the whole ‘Tell me you have kids without telling me you have kids’ challenge.’ Just picture a small muffin tin stuffed with washcloths for teething, a few leftover bags of breast milk (even though my son weaned months ago) and enough of those multicolored freeze pops to feed a small summer camp. Essentially, chaos.” 

—Kelsie Barton, Contributing Writer, @kelsie_barton

“Chicken trimmings. I save them in my freezer until I’m ready to throw them out so I don’t stink up my garbage.” 

—Sean Junqueira, Contributing Photographer, @seanjunqueira

“Does a bag of grapes count? I’m a firm believer in enjoying them as a frozen snack! 😂”

—Eric Ginsburg,  Contributing Writer, @eric_ginsburg

“I don’t keep anything crazy in there—sometimes people think it’s weird I put bread in there. 😂”—Cameron Rhinehardt, Marketing Intern, @camrht

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