Will Fuel Release Positively Impact Small Businesses?

Will Fuel Release Positively Impact Small Businesses?

DURHAM, N.C. — Small businesses that rely on gasoline to fuel their services say President Joe Biden’s decision to release oil reserves will benefit them.


What You Need To Know

President Joe Biden has directed The Department of Energy to release 50 million barrels of crude oil from the strategic petroleum reserve

The move Tuesday is expected to lower gas prices across the country

President Biden says it will take time before people notice the impact


Floral Dimensions in Durham has been serving the community for more than three decades. General manager Stephanie Garrett says she loves connecting with clients.

“It’s what makes our job so special because we are there for the times when they are sad and clients are crying on the telephone, or we are also there for when they are celebrating, and they are so happy,” Garrett said.

Floral Dimensions uses two minivans to handle its deliveries. Garrett says a decrease in gas prices would be a welcome sight.

“Knowing that it’s not going to get worse is huge for us, because little small things that maybe don’t affect large corporations do definitely affect smaller businesses,” Garrett said.

During the spring and summertime, the shop works with local farmers. But in the off-season they work with a supplier out of Kernersville, about an hour outside Durham. A decrease in gas prices would impact all parts of that supply chain positively.

“I’m thankful that for a little while the gas prices will be going down because obviously, we’re a small business and keeping our employees and the community supported is our main goal,” Garrett said.

Floral Dimensions has kept its delivery fee the same although the gas prices have been in flux. Its drivers deliver to clients around the Triangle.

Biden’s action to release crude oil on Tuesday is aimed at global energy markets. But also at helping Americans cope with higher prices ahead of the holiday season. According to the American Automobile Association, gas prices are up to $3.40, 50% higher than a year ago.

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