Would You Ditch Your Phone for Pete Davidson?

Would you attend a live show sans your smartphone?

Would you rather live in the moment or have captured pics/videos to look back on for a lifetime? (Do it for the mems?!) … With rising controversy surrounding cellphone use during concerts and performances—from artists’ rising frustrations with seeing a swarm of cameras rather than their fans’ faces to the ongoing conversation about social media linking to myriad mental health issues—it’s becoming more and more common for venues and performers to ask for the smartphones to stay away, with some even contemplating whether cellphones are “ruining the live experience.” 

The trend is sweeping shows across the country—with no signs of slowing down. Here in Raleigh, former SNL cast member, actor and comic Pete Davidson is coming to Goodnights for six sold-out nights of shows June 6–11—with no phones, smartwatches or related accessories allowed. Each device is required to go inside individual Yondr pouches that viewers will keep on their person throughout the event—and can be reopened only at the end of the show or in designated areas. 

A cast of other comics are on the same wavelength. Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, Hannibal Buress and Chris Rock are all in support of holding tech hostage during performances, as are a slew of singers—from Madonna and Jack White to The Lumineers and Alicia Keys. 

To wit, as streaming services touting comedy specials and concert recaps become more mainstream, the lack of allowed amateur videography makes sense on a variety of fronts— namely creating a more engaged environment between the performer and the audience. So could you take a break from your devices for the duration of a two-hour show? Whether you’re an influencer or just prefer to stay connected, we think quality time with Pete Davidson is worth the phone hiatus (!). goodnightscomedy.com

Your Pete Davidson Know-How-To-Go

  • Don’t attempt to pull out your phone or device. Anyone seen with a phone during Pete’s set will be escorted out of the venue.
  • Rideshare apps are recommended! There is limited parking at the venue—so book a ride for your drop-off/pickup ease.
  • Say cheese! There will be a photographer on-site to snap a pic of your experience.
  • Due to sellout shows each night, there will be specific arrival times before each show. Check Goodnights‘ website before you plan to arrive.
  • Stay up-to-date on Goodnights‘ website for more deets before the show. Happy Pete week!

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