Young, Beginning and Small Farmer Box Supports Local Farmers

No better time to fall in love with farm life than fall—or show appreciation for our hardworking growers. To wit, Cape Fear Farm Credit and AgCarolina Farm Credit are banding together with The Produce Box to create the Young, Beginning and Small Farmer Box.

“We feature many of our local farmers in a variety of ways throughout the year, but we believed this was a unique way to feature the many young, beginning and small producers that we also serve,” says Cape Fear Farm Credit Senior VP of Marketing and Financial Services Janna Bass.

Adds The Produce Box Director of Membership Laurel Bandiero: “Purchases of this box will not only benefit food insecurity affecting the Cape Fear area, but will support The Produce Box’s larger mission to support all the farms we work with and all the crops we’re able to purchase as our membership expands within and throughout the Triangle.”

Each produce box is chock-full of sweet locally grown and sourced products farmers based in counties near the Triangle—from Johnston to Sampson—including pumpkins, pork sausage and yellow squash. Inside you’ll also find an insert that tells a brief story about the local farmers, so you can understand where exactly your food came from. (We love to see it!)

And not only can you feed yourself and your fam with the box, you can also help feed a family in need. With every Young, Beginning and Small Farmer Box purchased, Cape Fear Farm Credit and AgCarolina Farm Credit will match their support by purchasing additional produce boxes to distribute to areas in the east challenged by lack of food

The boxes will be available for purchase exclusively on Sept. 16 through The Produce Box. The best part? They’ll be hand-delivered straight to your doorstep—so you’ll save yourself a trip to the grocery store to boot (!). Supporting fresh surely does bring out the best.

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