City of Raleigh Asks for Your Opinion on This Year’s Budget


RALEIGH, N.C. — If you had $100 to spend to help the city, where would you spend it?

That’s a question the city is asking in their new budget priority survey. The nine question survey is based on key focus areas where people in Raleigh can prioritize things that are important to them.

The results will be reported to city council in April to help them create the Raleigh budget. So how will the pandemic impact people’s responses this year?  

“Economic development may not have been important to someone two years ago, but now the job market or the economy may be of interest. We may see some of those results come in. Typically, what we saw is affordable housing, transportation, those are still major issues in our community and areas they really want us to focus on,” says Mary Bigue, Budget Management Services Director.

You have until the end of March to fill out the survey on the City of Raleigh’s website. The results will be available to everyone in April. Anyone with further questions or comments about the budget can attend the city council meeting on June 1.

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