Little Billy Warden’s Special Christmas Poem

Little Billy Warden's Special Christmas Poem

Billy Warden shares his special Christmas poem with us. 

Sung to “Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer”

North Carolina, the purple state
Had a very raucous year
And if you saw the many lawsuits
You would surely shake with fear

All the vaccinated voters
Were sad to see Mandy Cohen go,
As parents at our school boards
Put on quite a noisy show

Then one grueling legislative session,
The poohbahs came to say,
“Folks, we’ve got a budget now
It only took five years — but wow!”

Meanwhile senate hopefuls jockeyed
Aiming to one day be the lynchpin
To passing big legislation
Just like ol’ Joe Mancin
Just like ol’ Joe Manciiiiiiiiin  

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