Amazon ‘Forcing Employees to Brand Themselves With Stickers’ If They’re Vaccinated

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Amazon is requiring workers who have received a COVID-19 vaccination to wear green stickers on their employee badges if they want to go maskless while working for the giant online retailer.

Jason Rantz, host of “The Jason Rantz Show” on KTTH radio in Seattle said Amazon has confirmed the move, which requires employees to disclose vaccination information.

Rantz, writing on the radio station’s website, said the decision impacts all U.S. field operations.

He said: “If you do not wish to reveal your vaccination status, or simply do not want to take a vaccine, you will be forced to keep on a mask and go without a sticker. It’s like a reverse Scarlet letter.

“Consequently, coworkers may ask them why they’re not vaccinated, prying into a personal medical decision when it’s not their business. Or, much worse, the Amazon employee may feel pressured into the vaccine, even if they do not yet need one or want one.

“Is management worried about the possibility that workers will be ostracized for not having a vaccine — even if they, perhaps, have a medical condition that prohibits them from getting the ones currently offered, or if they have religious objections?

“Amazon won’t answer.”

Rantz said the sticker indicates the employee can work without a mask. And he noted that by the end of the month, workers will be asked to upload vaccination cards to an internal system.

“Amazon is forcing its employees to brand themselves with stickers indicating they’ve received a COVID-19 vaccination, even if they’d prefer to keep that medical decision private,” he said. “This move also forces employees to disclose if they have not received a vaccine.”

According to CNBC, Amazon said it is providing workers with a green check mark sticker for their badges.

And CNBC noted that by mid-June, Amazon will ask workers to upload a picture of their vaccine card to the internal portal. Those who are fully vaccinated will receive a green check mark on screen, which they then show as proof as they enter their site at the start of their shift.

CNBC reported that Amazon hasn’t required its front-line workers to get vaccinated, but it has pushed employees to get coronavirus shots by offering them a bonus of up to $80. And it has told new hires that they will get $100 for showing proof of vaccination.

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