‘Bidenomics’ falls flat with voters as Trump takes huge lead in new poll

'Bidenomics' falls flat with voters as Trump takes huge lead in new poll

President Biden faces challenges in public perception compared to former President Trump, particularly on key issues such as the economy and border security, as per the findings of a national NBC News poll released on Sunday. Despite recent positive economic indicators and Biden’s claims of progress, the poll reveals a 23-point deficit for Biden against Trump concerning handling the economy. Additionally, Trump holds substantial leads over Biden on issues like border security (+35 points), presidential health (+23 points), crime and violence (+21 points), competitiveness and effectiveness (+16 points), and improving America’s global standing (+11 points).

Of particular concern for Biden is the significant shift in public opinion since 2020, with the erosion of confidence in his ability to be competitive and effective. The poll indicates a noteworthy decline in Biden’s standing compared to four years ago, raising questions about the overall trajectory of his presidency. Despite Biden’s assertions about the positive impact of his administration’s economic policies, the majority of registered voters in the survey still favor Trump as the better candidate for steering the economy.

The decline in public perception may be contributing to Biden’s diminishing approval ratings, which reached a new low of 37% in the poll. This overall decline is reflected in hypothetical 2024 general election rematch scenarios, where Trump leads Biden by five percentage points among registered voters. The findings underscore the ongoing challenges faced by the Biden administration in shaping public opinion and maintaining support on critical issues, potentially influencing the political landscape as the 2024 election approaches.