Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene: America First Rallies Show Real Power Isn’t in DC

Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene: America First Rallies Show Real Power Isn't in DC

“Partners in Slime. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are roaming the countryside looking for brains to consume.” (Yikes!)

We lead a “Zombie Republican Party.” These are the castigations of CNN’s Jim Acosta. He names two of us, but targets all Americans who support our agenda.

We’re used to CNN’s lies and phony outrage. We signed up for this job. We do it differently than most. We prefer selfies with supporters; not backroom deals with special interests. People over politics, come what may.

We remember CNN going into overdrive to legitimize an unprecedented, undemocratic cancellation of Marjorie from congressional committees populated by representatives, but really run by lobbyists.

She torched CNN in an open press conference and confronted them with the nightly, unpatriotic lies they told during the Russia Hoax. We’re still waiting for their response.

Meanwhile, Marjorie has become a powerful, unchained force on the Floor of the House, reviewing every bill with particularity. She’s Pelosi’s worst nightmare.

It’s rare to obtain a video confession of a media deep fake. Thanks to the real journalists at Project Veritas, we got one. A CNN Director apparently confessed that CNN was using “propaganda” to “hurt” Matt because he is effective at blocking Nancy Pelosi’s socialist agenda.

They always come for the fighters – but they aren’t just coming us.

They’re coming for the 74 million who voted for Donald Trump.

We’re just in the way – and we will never back down.

When professional liar Jim Acosta says there are no “high minded people available down in Georgia,” or wherever thousands assemble for our America First Rally Tour, we want him to know exactly who he is insulting.

“One more picture, please?” A young Air Force captain zipped across the converted Georgia State basketball court in our direction before Dalton’s rally. Wheelchair bound, he had flown from Hawaii and driven two hours from the Atlanta Airport just in time. He was paralyzed in combat, but still serves our nation on active duty. “You two give me hope,” he said with unbridled optimism.

In Arizona, tears welled in the eyes of scared mothers. They see mask mandates and lockdowns hindering the development of their children and their livelihoods. They erupt in gratitude for Marjorie’s no-holds-barred battles against government’s attempted destruction of their families. They feel a connection to Marjorie that goes beyond politics. They see her fight for America the way they fight for their loved ones.

Florida-rally goer Marty Krause didn’t let a liberal blogger bully him into abandoning Matt. “He tells the truth. He tells it like it is. And he doesn’t back down…One day, I hope he runs for president.”

These patriotic Americans may not meet CNN’s definition of “high minded” but they are elite and inspiring to us – and we need them now more than ever.

Establishment politicians in both parties are embracing America Last policies that constrain our rights while bending to China, socialism, or both. Joe Biden has cleared a path for Russia’s pipeline to Germany, but cancels the Keystone XL pipeline in America. Former Republican standard-bearers George W. Bush and Mitt Romney are now woke front-men for amnesty. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger would rather rebuild Kandahar than America.

But the Bushes, Cheneys and Romneys aren’t in charge of the Republican Party anymore.

We are: the Trump wing, America First.  The crowds prove it, and our haters freely admit it.

Never-Trumper and failed presidential candidate Joe Walsh observed, “Matt Gaetz would beat Paul Ryan in any Republican Primary. Or Liz Cheney. Or Mitt Romney. Or me. It wouldn’t be close.”

A recent Morning-Consult poll found Marjorie even more popular than Matt with Republicans. She nearly doubles the approval of Liz Cheney.

“You can see where the energy is here. It’s with Gaetz and Greene,” CNN’s Brianna Keilar bemoaned while comparing the America First Rally Tour to whatever it is Paul Ryan is doing.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz used to lead the Democratic National Committee. She recently put it plainly: “The Republican Party clearly, is now made up of people who subscribe to the views of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

We understand and accept the responsibility this bestows on us.

For America First to be at its best, we must be at our best and we must strive to be better than yesterday, every day. But we aren’t here for the weakness and surrender strategy of the establishment.

Republican congressional leaders of yesteryear promised and didn’t deliver. They didn’t repeal Obamacare. They didn’t finish the wall. China still eats our lunch. American troops are still deployed to godforsaken lands that have been fighting for centuries and will probably be fighting centuries from now.

President Trump led a populist realignment in politics. Leadership no longer means the corner capitol office or coveted title. Power in the Republican Party no longer flows out of Washington – it springs up across America, where we spend our time rallying with patriots.

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Show Jim Acosta and the rest of the America-Last establishment in media and government that if Marjorie and Matt are “partners in slime” that the partnership is growing larger, stronger and more vibrant by the day.

Rep. Matt Gaetz has represented FL -1 since 2017. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has represented GA-14 since 2021. 

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