Twitter Launching Subscription Service

Twitter Launching Subscription Service

Twitter is launching Twitter Blue, a service for people who want to pay a monthly fee to access exclusive features, CNBC reports.

The service is the company’s first attempt at a subscription business model.

According to CNBC, the service is first rolling out to users in Canada and Australia. The cost is $3.49 and $4.49, respectfully, in local currencies per month.

It is not certain when the company plans to make Twitter Blue available for users in the U.S.

Anyone subscribing to Twitter Blue will get an UndoTweet feature that allows them to set a customizable timer of up to 30 seconds to take back a tweet if it needs to be fixed.

The feature is not quite an edit button, but it will let users preview what their tweets will look like and make adjustments before they are published.

In a blog post, Twitter also noted the new service will allow customers to customize their app icons for their device’s home screen and have access to dedicated subscription customer support. It will also include Reader Mode, a feature that makes it easier for users to keep up with long posts on Twitter.

“This initial set of features was developed based on feedback we received from our very own power Twitter community,” Twitter officials said in the blog

“We’ve heard from the people that use Twitter a lot, and we mean a lott, that we don’t always build power features that meet their needs. Well, that’s about to change. We took this feedback to heart, and are developing and iterating upon a solution that will give the people who use Twitter the most what they are looking for: access to exclusive features and perks that will take their experience on Twitter to the next level,” the company said.

“And for those wondering, no, a free Twitter is not going away, and never will. This subscription offering is simply meant to add enhanced and complementary features to the already existing Twitter experience for those who want it.”

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