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What’s happening around Wake County? Here’s a recap of a new county initiative that affects your local community.

Last week, the Wake County Board of Commissioners adopted the Wake County comprehensive plan called PLANWake.

PLANWake is a plan of action to help grow Wake County over the next 10 years. The plan will create a new vision for Wake County by building off recent plans for expansion such as the Wake County Transit Plan and the Wake County Affordable Housing Plan. This new course directs growth to existing towns, supports the development of connected and walkable transit-supportive centers, and works with rural landowners to protect important open spaces, farms and forests.

PLANWake is organized into three main components:

  1. Vision Outcomes: aspirations for the future.
  2. Development Framework: map to guide growth.
  3. Performance Metrics: metrics to evaluate progress.

PLANWake strives to help residents live in an inclusive and vibrant environment while maintaining a healthy and active life. The second component of the PLANWake plan is the development framework. The objective of the development framework is to support municipal annexation and growth within the Transit Focus, Walkable Center, and Community Reserve areas. The final component is the performance metrics which to track the PLANWake vision outcomes. The metrics are in three categories: countywide performance metrics, development performance metrics, and targeted population performance metrics.

PLANWake is intended to be a tool that will ensure equitable growth for Wake County. The goal of the plan is to create an environment where residents have a safe place to work, live and play, as well as drive investments and expansions in Wake County.

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