Skilled workers have the advantage according to recruiters ::

Skilled workers have the advantage according to recruiters ::

Some companies appear to be slowing their job postings, but there are still plenty of open positions. Local talent recruiters compared the local job market to the local housing market — it’s just as red hot.

The new job market has changed the dynamics of hiring, according to recruiters.

“It’s a good time to move up if you need a job. You have more bargaining power,” said Steve Purtell.

“I do think there’s more of a willingness to train on the job,” added Teri Williams.

Karah Lizotte, a talent recruiter at Greene Resources, said it’s a very hot market for candidates.

She’s said she’s trying to fill all kinds of positions including technology sales, marketing, as well as administration and human resources positions.

“If you know you have the transferable skill set and you have a goal that you want to go out there and achieve, now’s the time to do it because people are looking to hire,” said Lizotte.

Amanda Powell also works at Greene helping companies figure out their hiring need and ways to make open positions more attractive.

“Are you offering remote flexibility? Are you offering more PTO and flex time? What kind of benefits do you have? People are just really looking for the full package. Now it’s not really just about salary,” said Powell.

Yet, she says, when it comes to salary companies must compete.

“It used to be where they could maybe offer a little bit lower and try to negotiate and try to low ball, and that just isn’t going to fly right now,” said Powell. “You really have to treat it like the housing market where they have three offers on the table. What are you going to do to put your offer ahead of the rest of them?”

Powell added that in this market, there’s no time to dawdle.

“I’ve had a few [companies] that took three months to hire somebody. Three whole months. That is not going to fly. That was so 2019. That’s not going to fly today,” said Powell.

“I have seen clients rescind offers because a candidate was taking too long to answer,” she added.

Recruiters said passive candidates, people who are actively working and not necessarily looking for a new job, are in demand as well. If contacted with the right opportunity, they might make a switch.

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