8-day-old baby missing from Chapel Hill found safe, search for parents continues

8-day-old baby missing from Chapel Hill found safe, search for parents continues

An AMBER Alert issued on Monday night for a missing baby, Jaxton Brown, came to a relief when authorities found him safe in Durham, putting an end to a frantic search. However, while the baby was located unharmed, many unanswered questions lingered, leaving authorities and the public concerned.

Chapel Hill Police initiated the AMBER Alert around 7 p.m., raising alarm about the disappearance of 8-day-old Jaxton Brown. The relief came a little over two hours later when authorities confirmed that the baby had been found safe in Durham. However, the whereabouts of Jaxton’s parents, who were last seen with him, remained unknown.

The trail led authorities to a white 1997 Mercury Mystique, believed to be the vehicle in which the family was traveling. The car was discovered in the parking lot of a Big Lots store on SW Durham Drive. Nearby, behind University Ford off 15/501 in Durham, authorities were observed with a baby carrier and a blanket. Social Services personnel were seen putting these items into a car, indicating the involvement of child welfare services.

Subsequently, an ambulance departed from the scene, but it was unclear whether Jaxton was transported to a hospital for evaluation. Investigators revealed that Jaxton was handed over to a probation officer at the location. However, his parents, identified as Destinee Ariel Cothran, 26, of Garner, and Justin Lee Brown, 29, of Durham, were reportedly absent from the scene, indicating a potential flight from authorities.

Questions arose regarding the circumstances leading to the issuance of the AMBER Alert and why Jaxton, born on February 18, was not supposed to be with his parents. Investigators disclosed that the situation stemmed from a custody dispute, shedding light on the complexities surrounding the case.

As the night progressed, the search for Cothran and Brown continued, with authorities and concerned individuals striving to unravel the mystery and ensure the safety and well-being of the infant.