Trump appeals ruling in massive NY civil fraud case

Trump appeals ruling in massive NY civil fraud case

Former President Trump’s legal team has launched an appeal against a ruling by New York Judge Arthur Engoron, which found Trump liable for over $350 million in damages in a civil fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Including interest, the total sum Trump is currently obligated to pay exceeds $354 million, with post-judgment interest accruing at a rate of nearly $112,000 per day. The case also targeted Trump’s family and the Trump Organization. Engoron’s ruling concluded that Trump and the defendants were responsible for various acts of fraud, including falsifying business records, issuing false financial statements, and engaging in conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.

In his critique of Trump’s conduct during the trial, Judge Engoron highlighted Trump’s tendency to deflect questions and diverge into unrelated topics, which severely undermined his credibility. Trump’s attorney, Christopher Kise, had previously hinted at plans for an appeal, criticizing the court’s decision as a product of a politically motivated campaign led by the Attorney General.

Kise emphasized that legal cases should be decided based on established legal principles and evidence, noting that during the trial, no witness or complaint supported the Attorney General’s allegations of fraud. Furthermore, Kise argued that Trump’s net worth far exceeded what was reported in his financial statements.

Attorney General James’ office had sought additional penalties, including a five-year ban on Trump, his sons, and other defendants from applying for loans in New York, as well as prohibiting the Trump Organization from engaging in real estate business for the same period. Engoron had previously ruled in September that Trump and his organization had committed fraud in building their real estate empire by misleading banks, insurers, and others about the value of assets and net worth.

During the trial, Trump expressed dissatisfaction with Engoron’s judgment, claiming the judge ruled against him without understanding his background and labeling him as a fraud.