8 ways to raise the bar at your NYE house party


8 ways to raise the bar at your NYE house party

Hey, Alexa—play “Thank U, Next.” If you’re feelin’ a little like toasting the end of ’22 but also a smidge “too school for cool”… in the words of Pink—“we can always party on our own.” If rubbing shoulders with all of Raleigh for a NYE night on the town isn’t your speed this year, welcoming 2023 with a house party is def worth raising a glass for. To get the party started, we tapped Vine Rich Events & Experiences Lead Experience Planner and founder Catrina Vienrich for her top tips for hosting—and spicing up—NYE at home.

Ready to Mingle

Little apps spread around the space help with flow and encourage guests to mingle in different areas, allowing them to connect in smaller groups at a larger party—which can keep things feeling cozy and intimate.

Toast of the Town

Whether it’s with a signature cocktail, a spruced-up glass of bubbly or themed glassware for everyone, make the “cheers” so fun guests will be clinking glasses all night vs. just at midnight.

Sharing Is Caring

Have guests contribute—consider a cookie exchange, a wine tasting, bringing their candy of choice or even their fave childhood meal.

Thanks for the Memories 

Experiences make people feel like their time is valued—and they help create lasting memories. Make the evening memorable by providing a way guests can experience the evening together. Think: a make-your-own sushi bar; a bubble bar with different syrups, crude bitters and types of bubbly; or even a themed party. 

Stay Posing

Create an area dedicated to photo memories and offer to snap the shot—or set up a Polaroid—so your partygoers are sure to pose for photos with significant others or friends. 

Break the Ice

Pose a question in a framed print or tent card at entry or in the common area to help inspire conversation. Some fun Q’s include: If you won the lottery tonight what are the first three things you would do? What is one thing you’ve always wanted to improve or learn, and could you start working toward it in the new year? What is one way you can exhibit better self-care in the new year? What is one habit you’d like to kick in the new year? 

Spice It Up

NYE parties are notoriously long, as many start at 7 or 8pm—hence, five-plus hours of entertainment. To keep guests going, make each hour “new.” This can be anything from proposing a new topic each hour to spicing it up hourly (a welcome beverage, more food or a dessert, a game, a Champagne tasting). 

Out With a Bang

Make the “new year” moment memorable with a balloon drop or by passing out confetti and streamers, etc. Then keep the energy going post-midnight—or end with a bang—by amping up a dance party at 12:01am, serving extra food after the ball drops, setting off fireworks, burning a paper with everything you’re leaving behind from ’22, or even just sending guests home with a special little something that encourages them throughout the new year.


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