BookTok Reads Lighting up Your Feed—and Summer Reading List

The hottest books of the season

Calling all book lovers! ’Tis the season of reading, beckoning bookworms to snag a cozy postwork perch or plop out in the sunshine for a handful of page turners fit for all interests. Here, a ream of trending selects that’ve garnered bundles of buzz on BookTok. Check ’em out! 

A Little Life
Hanya Yanagihara
An ode to brotherly bonds & found families

A foursome of diverse college grads living in New York go about their lives—knitted together by their brotherhood and aspirations. Yet, the glue of the group also carries the heaviest hardships. 

The Silent Patient
Alex Michaelides
Murder & mystery

Domestic bliss turns sour when a seemingly content housewife elects to gun down her husband—then refuses to utter another word. Will a curious criminal psychotherapist uncover the truth?

Funny You Should Ask
Elissa Sussman
Pause for the awws 

Hungry journalist with something to prove 🤝 hunky Hollywood star. Devour a story with flirtation, fascination and a 10-yearlong slow burn via a romance story hotter than the rising NC temps. 

Colleen Hoover
Bone-chilling secrecy 

Truly a nail-biter that leaves you wondering who the real enemy is, this Colleen Hoover classic follows a down-on-her-luck author falling for a handsome near-widower as she finishes ghostwriting the uberpopular series of his comatose wife—only to discover some of her darkest secrets. 

Before the Coffee Gets Cold
Toshikazu Kawaguchi
Tears + time travel

Pro tip: Have tissues nearby before diving into the tale of an intimate Tokyo cafe serving coffee—and an opportunity to time travel—thus evoking a moving account about the power of relationships and could-have-beens.

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