Bottle Shop BottleMixx Will Be Renamed The Mixx in New Location

BottleMixx is rebranding and moving to a new location.

Untapping a bottle shop revolution of sorts when it opened in North Raleigh’s Brennan Station a decade ago, BottleMixx is now further untapping its potential. The popular bottle shop is rebranding as a drink destination—and raising the bar (literally) by bringing its OG vibes to an upgraded location in the underserved Duraleigh Corners shopping center in Northwest Raleigh.

Long popular for its in-house tasting bar, wine tastings and grab-and-go selects, The Mixx (as it will be redubbed) will reopen in its new larger digs by the end of the year. Upfitting a long-empty automotive garage with big roll-up doors, the new space will boast a designated retail section; an on-premise beer pub/wine bar; and a separate climate-controlled wine room for shopping and tastings led by “Wine Guy Jack,” a WSET Level 3 sommelier who’s been on staff for seven years.

Owner Russ Broome—who acquired the bottle shop last summer—says he quickly outgrew the premiere location—especially with his vision to make the spot more than just a bottle shop. “When I took over this bottle shop, it was struggling to be a hangout place—which was my dream, to have a cool bar to hang out in,” he says. “It kind of shifted over the first year or so from a store to more of a bar while keeping the retail and all that.”

To wit, the Duraleigh Corners digs will also tout an expansive outdoor sitting area with white draped lights and shades, a space for live music, and a connected kitchen space serving upscale food on-premise.

But Broome doesn’t plan on stopping here. The crafty proprietor is also planning to install a self-tap wall so people can get adventurous and self-pour funky brews not found behind the bar. 

And, considering half his inventory is cans rather than bottles, the name change was a no-brainer, as was The Mixx’s new tagline: A refined imbibery since 2012. “Yeah, you can pick up your retail and take it home, but first and foremost, it’s a cool place to imbibe,” says Broome. 

While there’s already a hip bottle shop in the mix in The Mixx’s new hood (hey, House of Hops!), Broome has no doubt his stout spot will stand out on its own. For (spirited) starters, in addition to craft beer and fine wine, The Mixx will serve rotating top-shelf liquors (!) straight-up or over large ice balls, with “the occasional craft cocktail, like a smoked Old-Fashioned or a G&T,” he says. And he’ll keep the pub open later. “So if patrons wanna hang out later than the current location supports, I’ll be there,” says Broome. Big news for a part of town with nary more than one cocktail bar in sight.

“[The other bottle shop] isn’t doing what I’m going to be doing in a few months,” he adds. “So I think I’ll really hit that neighborhood great, and they’ll love having this option.” A “mixx” of options, if you will. Cheers to new beginnings!

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