Brighten Your Winter Blues Now That Daylight Saving Time Is Over

How to brighten your winter blues now that daylight saving time is over

We know, we know… nobody likes a 5pm sunset. Now that daylight saving time is over (*patiently waits for the Sunshine Protection Act to pass*), many Raleighites might feel tempted to hunker down at home during those extra hours of darkness. But let’s look on the bright side—the sun setting before dinnertime doesn’t have to put a damper on your fun. Here, five fab ways to spend your winter evenings out and about in the city, no daylight required. 

Comedy Show
Good news: Daylight doesn’t go underground anyway. Spend a night or two at Goodnights Comedy chuckling at the sillies of stand-up comics bringing tons of talent from all over into an intimate setting. Sounds cozy and comical, no? 

If your brain functions better at night, find a lineup of trivia challenges all over town—from adult trivia (*wink, wink*) at Flying Saucer to oodles of other bars and restos offering weekly trivia nights. Think Raleigh Beer Garden, Brookside Bodega and My Way Tavern, to name a few. 

Wine Night
Wine all you want this winter with the pals or your boo at such sophisticated and sleek spots as Vita Vite or Barcelona Wine Bar. Sips after sundown? Yes, please! 

Cozy up for a drive-in movie after dark and under the stars at Triangle Cinemas or Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre. Or take the film-watching fun inside with bites and brews at Alamo Drafthouse. Either way, pass the popcorn! 

Game Night
Got game? Bring your competitive spirit to Boxcar for a night of arcade classics (a round of Pac-Man, anyone?), Skee Ball, air hockey and more. Level up, indeed!

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