CockADoodleMoo Going Into Hillsborough St. Snoopy’s


Top Raleigh food truck CockADoodleMoo partners with Avenue to bring CockADoodleMoo at The Avenue at the now-closed Hillsborough Street Snoopy’s.

CockADoodleMoo, Raleigh! In uplifting news, we snooped for the scoop on what’s coming to the now-shuttered OG Hillsborough Street Snoopy’s spot. CockADoodleMoo owner Allison Hensgen and chef/owner Justus Wollbrinck have partnered with The Avenue to bring CockADoodleMoo at The Avenue to the corner of Hillsborough Street and Glenwood Avenue within the next 60 to 90 days.

Rated a top three food truck in Raleigh known for dishing traditional/global BBQ and gourmet sandos (“if it ain’t all over your face, you ain’t eating it right!”) and its commitment to fresh all-natural local ingredients + charity, community and culture, the food truck expansion promises to be a welcome—and juicy!—addition to the Glenwood South scene.

While our hearts broke a little bit when the legendary hot dog spot and late-night savior announced its closing in March 2021 (franks for the memories!), we’re not mad at the thought of swapping those late-night dogs after a night out with ribs, wings, BBQ sandwiches, crispy mac ’n’ cheese (!), and more.


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