Who’s Running in the City of Raleigh Municipal Election

We may not head to the polls to cast our votes until Tuesday, Nov. 8, for the statewide general election and municipal election, but the race is heating up in Raleigh. The filing period is officially closed, and now the candidates have been set. And before you flippantly flip the page, we implore you to get to know the field. Dig the local development? Hate it? Guess what—it’s the very people on these pages who will be making those decisions for us over the next several years. And in our last municipal election in 2019, an abysmal 13% showed up to vote. Read that again: 13% of our residents are responsible for how our city has been managed and developed over the last three years. Wouldn’t you like to have a say? If you’re registered, please vote. And if you’re not, there’s still time. You have until 25 days prior to Election Day to register. In the meantime, start knowing the field and what’s at stake. We’ll see you at the polls, Raleigh.

The Race Is On

Mary-Ann Baldwin, incumbent
DaQuanta Copeland
Terrance (Truth) Ruth

James Bledsoe
Joshua Bradley
Stormie Forte
Anne Franklin
Jonathan Melton, incumbent
John Odom
Portia Rochelle

District A
Mary Black-Branch
Whitney Hill
Catherine (Cat) Lawson

District B
Zainab (ZB) Baloch
Minu Lee
Jakob Lorberblatt
Megan Patton
Frank Pierce

District C
Corey Branch, incumbent
Frank Fields
Wanda Hunter

District D
Rob Baumgart
Jane Harrison
Todd Kennedy
Jennifer Truman

District E
Christina Jones
David Knight, incumbent

Know When To Vote

  • Second primary: July 26
  • Runoff election: July 26
  • Election Day: Nov. 8

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