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SPONSORED CONTENT: The typical conversation these days among potential home sellers often includes the question “yes, we’d love to move, but where are we going to go?”

It’s a valid concern as record-low mortgage rates for nearly two years have now jumped beyond pre-pandemic levels. However, that doesn’t mean finding your next home is impossible.

“It’s very possible; there are two main factors that can really help potential buyers,” says Jamie Dawson, Founder and CEO of EasyDigz, a Raleigh-based real estate tech agency. “If you have a lot of equity built up, you can put more down—and find ways to reduce realtor fees.”

Dawson’s EasyDigz can help combat those high interest rates.

A successful 20-year real estate veteran, he is shaping the next evolution of the real estate industry. Last year, Dawson launched EasyDigz, a platform where sellers can list their home for only $3,500. Dawson’s vision is to help sellers pocket more profit, which makes huge difference in what they can and can’t buy. 

“In a traditional sale, a 6% commission on a $700,000 house is $42,000,” says Dawson. “If that is only $3,500, it makes a huge difference in what sellers can put down and increases their purchase position. You now have more leverage, and then when rates drop, refinance.”

That’s how Dawson’s EasyDigz platform can help sellers answer the question of where to go.  For just $3,500, they get a certified home pre-inspection, a 3D tour of their home and are assigned to a licensed real estate agent to guide them through the entire process. This includes listings on the MLS and online sites, and a dashboard that allows them to review offers and work with the ones that want.

“We want to give the sellers more control; it’s their house and they should keep more of their profits to put toward their next home,” says Dawson. “Also, contrary to what many sellers think, the market is in their favor right now.”

Dawson is pointing at the fact that more houses are staying on the market longer, so sellers are dropping prices, which allows more opportunity for negotiation. Especially this fall, when sales are expected to slow even more, which will give home buyers more options to fit their budgets.

“Savvy home sellers can do nearly everything themselves, but they’re blocked by getting it listed on the MLS and online,” adds Dawson. “Why wait to move to where you really want to be because you know you have to pay 6% in realtor fees? Pay $3,500 and move into your next chapter.”

Dawson says clients that have used EasyDigz have been impressed by the ease of use and having an agent in their corner if they need it. So, he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

“For a limited time, if you are thinking of selling, head over to EasyDigz, sign up and be entered to win a chance to sell your home with us for free,” adds Dawson. “We really believe in what we’ve created and are looking forward to helping more sellers.”

If you are interested in selling or buying, visit the EasyDigz website or call (919) 275-5868 to consult with an agent. 


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