‘Go Outside Grant’ given to Caldwell Elementary School

'Go Outside Grant' given to Caldwell Elementary School

CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. — Bentley Key, 9, and his brother, 8-year-old Sawyer Key, have been riding bikes for many years. It started when their dad bought them a dirt bike and they took off for the first time. 

“I race. I got first yesterday, and last two weeks, I got first,” Bentley Key said.

Being on two wheels at school is also exciting, which is why Baton Elementary School built a bike trail for the students.

Colt Kale, a physical education teacher, has been teaching some of the younger kids to ride bikes indoors recently. To help take the activity outside, he teamed up with the school’s principal and another teacher to apply for North Carolina Schools Go Outside Grant.

When the Key’s grandparents heard about it, they also jumped in to help organize businesses to donate.

The grant gives schools the funding they need to develop unique programs to get kids outside. Principal Jason Teffeteller says the project is exciting. 

“It’s an opportunity to do something they can do on their own time and be physical and active,” Teffeteller said.

The school added a garden that features QR codes around the school to push kids to go outside and walk around. Kids are able to use their phone to take pictures of the codes, which then displays information about each plant.

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