GoRaleigh’s R-Line Returns + GoTriangle Fare Reinstated

The wheels on GoRaleigh’s R-Line bus are going round and round once again, while GoTriangle is reinstating fares effective July 1. Ride on for everything you need to know. 

Eco-friendly travel for the win! GoRaleigh has reinstated its R-Line bus following a three-year hiatus, which stemmed from low ridership as a result of less visitors Downtown following the pandemic.

A popular free route originally intro’d in 2009, the bus circulates various parts of DTR and connects such destinations as the Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts, Red Hat Amphitheater, the Raleigh Convention Center and more—plus restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, museums, hotels and parking decks. Accessible via the GoRaleigh Live Map, the Downtown circulator runs every ~15 minutes, seven days a week. 

While the no-cost aspect of the route definitely adds to the R-Line’s allure—also saving a scooter ride, long walk or even drive—the GoTriangle bus will soon roll out reinstated fares. Starting July 1, a one-way trip will cost $2.50 with a daily cap of $5, weekly cap of $20 and monthly cap of $80—though low-income riders, youths age 13–18 and seniors 65+ can qualify for free fare. 

“You used to be able to buy a weekly/monthly pass as well, but we did away with that to make it easier and more streamlined for the customer,” adds GoTriangle Strategic Communications and Marketing Director Wendy Mallon.

To boot, users will also be able to utilize the Umo App to get live updates and trip alerts, plus purchase mobile bus tickets—the latter of which is a new feature also launching July 1. But rest assured riders can still pay on-the-spot with exact cash. 

While the resumed fare collection was a hot-button topic, GoTriangle’s decision to return to fares was based on revenue losses sustained during the pandemic, coupled with the agency’s plan to expand service while recruiting additional bus operators. “Our revenue from fares is used to offset our operating expenses, so it’s a vital source of funding to keep our buses running efficiently,“ says GoTriangle CCO Eric Curry. And who doesn’t love an excuse not to get behind the wheel? goraleigh.org; gotriangle.org

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