Hunky Dory Record Store hitting high notes and C-notes in Cary: ‘It’s unbelievable’

Hunky Dory Record Store hitting high notes and C-notes in Cary: 'It's unbelievable'

Michael Bell, a North Carolina native and owner of Hunky Dory Record Store, has expanded his business into three major areas in the Triangle: Durham, Raleigh, and Cary. The Cary location opened its doors on December 1 and experienced overwhelming popularity, with a line out the door and impressive sales. Bell, a former journalist turned entrepreneur, expressed his surprise and gratitude for the community support, emphasizing the resurgence of Cary over the past decade.

However, not all stores in the Seaboard Station area of Raleigh, where one of Bell’s stores is located, are experiencing the same success. Construction in the area has posed challenges for businesses, with parking difficulties and traffic issues affecting customer turnout. While the Hunky Dory Raleigh store appeared empty during a visit, the Cary location was bustling with activity.

Downtown Cary has undergone significant growth and development, attracting new businesses, breweries, and creating a vibrant atmosphere. The addition of a new park has contributed to increased foot traffic and transformed the area into a more appealing destination. Longtime Cary residents, such as Eddie Whittington, have witnessed the positive changes, describing the downtown area as having more personality and community support.

David Matney and Flavia Lee, who live close to downtown Cary, expressed excitement about the area’s future. They highlighted the new park and its appeal for their one-year-old baby boy, emphasizing the community’s support for local businesses. Michael Bell shared his enthusiasm for the community backing his venture, noting how the residents of Cary rally behind each other, contributing to the success of businesses like Hunky Dory Record Store.