Know How Busy Local Businesses Are With the WhereT App

Avoid the wait and beat busy crowds with the local WhereT app.

Picture it: You finally drag yourself out of bed (those that get it, get it) to go out to eat or to get drinks with friends, only to be stuck standing around waiting to be seated. Or maybe you paid a cover to get in somewhere, but it’s overcrowded—or undercrowded!—and it kills the vibe. In short, going out can already be a headache—and it’s only made worse by situations like these.

Enter WhereT, “the app you don’t know you need until you do need it,” says CEO and co-founder Brandon Lewis. Based in Raleigh, the global app (available in 170 countries!) uses geofencing GPS technology to showcase real-time information on how busy local businesses are, so users know what to expect before they go—and plan the best time to visit. 

The idea for WhereT naturally was born after Lewis got tired of arriving at places only to wait, or going to a barely bumping club. Seeking more venue transparency, he launched the app while still in college in 2022 with partner Patrick Loussaint and CTO Ridwan Faniyi to deliver an “innovative way for businesses to market to the consumers while streamlining that process,” he says.

WhereT also helps users arrange rides, order tickets or food, pay for parking and view online content directly through the app, whether for a restaurant, bar, club, store, event—even airports and the DMV office (!). And it’s a win for businesses as well, as by using WhereT they can cut associated commissions with companies like DoorDash and Grubhub while hopefully benefiting from additional clientele, Lewis explains.

To further market WhereT, Lewis launched a separate brain child, Busy Brew Lager, earlier this year in partnership with Lonerider Brewery owner Sumit Vohra, who also became somewhat of a mentor figure to the app founder. Another win-win, the brew offers a tasty sipper “crafted for every palate” and links directly to the WhereT app by a QR code on the can, making it “the only beer that has the technology behind it to market your venue as well,” maintains Lewis.

So, consider those excuses to not get out of bed nixed—and the perfect excuse to leave your house found. Hey, another win for all!

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