Local Animal Lover Debuts Free “Amber Alert for Pets” Service

New free “Amber Alert for pets” service helps pet owners find their lost dogs/cats.

Imagine if every lost pet could find their way home. Bringing that hope to fruition is lifelong animal lover, NC State Representative, and founder and CEO of PetScreening (the industry’s first and leading pet policy management software) John R. Bradford III with his recently launched FidoAlert and TabbyAlert.

Originating as an idea he jotted on a phone note on his phone five-plus years ago, now, the no-cost “Amber Alert for pets” service helps the estimated 10 million dogs and cats that get lost every year via cellular text and email alerts. Upon registration, owners are furever connected to their furry friends through a pet’s alert network that includes 10 trusted emergency contacts. So, if a pet owner loses their pet, they can initiate a lost pet alert that sends messages to everyone in the FidoAlert and TabbyAlert network within 10 miles of the location where the pet was lost. 

“Our pets are part of our family,” says Bradford, “and when they are lost, they don’t have a voice to get home. We want to give them a voice through FidoAlert and TabbyAlert. As pet owners everywhere enroll their pets into our free alert network, we can make a significant reduction in the total number of lost pets.”

FidoAlert and TabbyAlert works in reverse too. If a good samaritan finds your lost pet, the network also provides a stainless steel tag in the mail—shaped like a bone for dogs or a mouse for cats!—that’s engraved with his/her name and a unique QR code. All the finder then has to do is scan it and the Fido/TabbyAlert system will text you the finder’s location and contact information. 

To boot, if the finder doesn’t have a phone with QR code scanning capabilities (or doesn’t have a phone on them at all!), the tags are also helpfully engraved with each pet’s unique nine-digit Fido/Tabby ID, as well as a corresponding URL to enter the number.

“There was no halfway, no in between,” says Bradford. “We’ve invested over a million dollars in this product, but really, you can’t put a price tag on helping lost pets find their way home.” 

To celebrate the launch and get more pet owners to register, the team is going on a summer road tour across North and South Carolina. Locally, catch them at the Durham Bulls baseball game on Saturday, July 23, and at the NC Pet Expo at the NC State Fairgrounds on Aug. 6 and 7 to learn more about how doggone beneficial this service is. 

“We’d like to get as many people to enroll as possible,” says Bradford. “Your pet is safe when you sign up, but your pet is safest when every pet owner signs up.”

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