Pickleball club raises $80K to repurpose old tennis court

Pickleball club raises $80K to repurpose old tennis court

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. — A North Carolina woman raised over $80,000 for pickleball. 

Charlotte Teague and her friends played pickleball daily during the pandemic as a way to stay active, and ended up raising enough money to fix the community tennis court.

What You Need To Know

  • The Cleveland County Pickleball Association raised over $80,000 to repurpose old tennis court
  • The association hosts young students to teach them how to play
  • The association raised enough money to not only repurpose the court, but to add new lights and start statewide tournaments 

They’re hoping this new fancy platform will draw more attention to their part of the state in Cleveland County and bring in a pickleball tournament. 

They play pickleball as a group twice a day. 

Teague and her teammates in the Cleveland County pickleball association have worked hard for their new court. 

Teague’s friend, Beth Cameron, invited her to play one day.

“Every time I talk to someone I say have you tried pickle ball? It’s addicting,” Beth Cameron said.  

Teague grew a love for the sport. She wanted to find a way to stay active and be outside during the pandemic. 

“It’s exciting, it’s like a party every time we come out here,” Cameron said.  

Teague spoke to the school district that owned the outdoor court and worked out a deal so they could repurpose it and put it to use again.

“It had very wide, very long cracks, weed growing up, it was pretty much in disrepair. So we decided on our own we’re going to raise the money on our own, we’re not asking the school for money,” Teague said.  

The school agreed and Teague started fundraising. 

“We have raised a little over $80,000…thus far. Totally shocking I couldn’t believe it when I got the first call, I could not stop screaming,” Teague said. 

The courts were redone in July. The courts went from allowing 16 people to play, to 40 people. 

They’re looking to add new lights and other housekeeping touches. Their goal is to host a tournament that will bring more people to Shelby.

“When we have people outside of our local area come play, they will stay in our hotels, eat in out restaurants, shop in our shops and it’s only going to grow,” Teague said. 

Although she says it’s turning into a economic impact, it all started because of the love for the sport and the lifelong friends she’s made, who she now considers family.

“It has absolutely added value to my life. I can’t even tell you how much we support each other, we listen to each other and we care,” Teague said.

“They’re people I can call on for anything. I mean we’re that tight and that close. We’re a family, a big pickleball family… and we’re crazy about it,” Cameron said, laughing. 

The Cleveland County Pickleball Association plays seven days a week, once in the morning and once at night. 

So far, they’ve hosted two tournaments in house. They’re looking to bring people from out of state and across the state to Shelby this October after they’ve gone through the tournament planning stages.  



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