Prodigy Advait Kolarkar Bringing Abstract Paintings to Raleigh

For nearly a decade, contemporary painter Advait Kolarkar has enjoyed a level of global success that many artists spend their whole lives aspiring to. … And he’s only 9 years old.

From Feb. 24 to March 4, the young prodigy will appear live in Raleigh to show off his newest abstract paintings via Advait: Through the Lens exhibition at LaMantia Gallery—and you’ll have three chances to meet him through artist receptions March 3 and 4 (!).

Advait K

“I love meeting people,” says Kolarkar. “I feel happy and proud they’re supporting and encouraging me to do more.”

Kolarkar, who began painting at the tender age of 8 months and had his first solo exhibition at age 2, has a vivid imagination that drives his love of being in his studio playing with colors. “I feel like there’s some beautiful force around me that takes me into a different world. In that magical world, everything is possible,” he adds.

Kolarkar’s compelling contemporary style is reminiscent of one of his favorite artists, Jackson Pollock. He also draws inspiration from Leonardo di Vinci. “Leonardo has done so many jobs⁠—a painter, architect, inventor, lots more,” says Kolarkar.

In addition to showcasing his art in major cities around the globe, Kolarkar has won numerous awards, including the 2020 Global Child Prodigy Award; was the youngest TEDx speaker of India in November of 2022; and scored a feature in Disney’s diversity initiative, Reimagine Tomorrow. 

Nonetheless, the artist doesn’t feel boxed in by these early days of success. He maintains he wants to do other things too, like be an inventor and a paleontologist. For now, though, you can find Kolarkar splitting much of his time between his studio and international art galleries—and you’ll be able to add some of his remarkable one-of-a-kind pieces to your art collection through his Raleigh exhibition. Clearly, this is just the beginning for this young artist taking the art world by storm.

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