Raleigh Is One of the Top Cities in the Country for All Entrepreneurs

We know. Raleigh is fab. Obviously—we dedicate our careers to bragging about it in these pages. But let’s be real… there’s far more reason to brag on our fair city than its proximity to the mountains and the coast. As local pioneer (and badass boss) Cindy Eckert—aka the woman behind the only female pink pill (think Viagra) who built two businesses from the ground up and sold them for record rates before launching her third and current venture Pink Ceiling—reminded us at Raleigh Chamber’s recent Launch 2022 event, when Raleighites are asked why they live here, we’re all guilty of the go-to response… breezy drive to the coast or the hills. But we need to stop and dish some real #TriangleTruths. Raleigh is so much more than an in-between destination. Peep these fun stats and facts about why we really do (and should) live in Raleigh. So, ahem, next time someone asks you why you live here, be sure to brag on these… raleighchamber2.org; @cindypinkceo

“Please. If somebody asks you about the area, do not say we are one hour from the beach and two hours from the mountains. Please. We know it. It’s great. They’re gonna know it when they get here, but it isn’t going to bring the dollars. … What will bring the dollars to this area is when they recognize just how much we are kicking ass. … We create value—and, yes, we have a great lifestyle—but we are the best place for talent and for growth.”

–Cindy Eckert, founder of Slate Pharmaceuticals, Sprout (think female pink pill) and Pink Ceiling

  • Raleigh is No. 1 in the country to start a small business
  • Raleigh is the No. 2 IT city in the U.S. behind Silicon Valley
  • NC is the No. 5 best state for Black entrepreneurs
  • NC is the No. 1 state for women in tech.
  • Cary is the No. 1 city where women are most successful, doing the best financially in business

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