Raleigh Local Publishes 100 Things to Do in Raleigh Guidebook

Raleigh local publishes timeless guidebook on 100 things to do in Raleigh. 

If you’ve been reading Raleigh Mag for a while, then you know we’re you’re daily go-to guide for things to do around the City of Oaks (NTM where to dine, what to do, what’s in the news, etc.). 

But if you’re looking to boost your Raleigh bucket list in the form of a book, providing even more fodder for your cal is recently released 100 Things to Do in Raleigh Before You Die. The book is the latest locale (get it, Raleigh!) in local author Alli Hurley’s popular 100 Things to Do Before You Die series (having covered the likes of Charleston and Pittsburgh, among other fun-filled cities).

100 things to do in Raleigh

A Raleigh native, Hurley watched the City of Oaks’ ever-changing landscape evolve—even getting the unique opp to reexperience it upon returning after a hiatus. “I got to see Raleigh with a bit of fresh eyes,” she says—from tasting craft beer at Brewgaloo to paddling on Lake Johnson (two Raleigh musts!). 

“When you live in a place, you don’t really act like a tourist,” she says, nodding to places she visited on school field trips, for example, but wouldn’t have otherwise considered returning to as an adult—and who wouldn’t want to relive those nostalgic childhood mems?!

Divvied up into five major categories (food & drink, music & entertainment, sports & recreation, culture & history, and shopping & fashion), the trusty tome also highlights spots other guidebooks may overlook—and even includes suggested itineraries and insider’s tips on your old faves. Plus, having lived in other cities, Hurley was able to truly spotlight the special charm that Raleigh offers.

“I would say Raleigh is unique in that it has very similar opportunities, if not better ones, than big cities—but you never feel like you’re compromising your quality of life,” she says. “Maybe it’s not London, but it’s like, the more you live here, the more charming it becomes.” 

Save the date for Hurley’s book signing at NOFO on Saturday, June 4. Hey, just rack it up as the 101st thing to do in Raleigh (!). Quail Ridge Books, Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon & online.

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