Recent earthquakes in North Carolina a reminder to check insurance policy

A series of recent rumblings out west have led Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to urge the state’s residents to make sure they are covered from the effects of natural disasters. This can be achieved by checking in with their insurance agent to review their individual policies.

Seven earthquakes have hit the same area of western North Carolina within the past two weeks — all within a mile of each other. Although western North Carolina is not on a major fault line, earthquakes are not uncommon in the western part of the state.

“While North Carolina is not typically known for its earthquakes, the damage they can cause is generally not covered under most standard homeowners’ insurance policies,” Commissioner Causey noted. “However, homeowners can talk with their agents and easily add an earthquake endorsement to their policies. I also encourage consumers to get replacement coverage on both their homeowners’ and automobile insurance policies.”

On Sunday, June 3, a 3.2 magnitude earthquake occurred northwest of Asheville. There was a second 2.2 magnitude earthquake nearby later that day. On May 25 the U.S. Geological Survey reported three earthquakes, all within the same vicinity.

In 2020, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake, centered in Sparta, was felt across North Carolina. It was the strongest earthquake to hit North Carolina since 1916. There were no reports of any fatalities.

“For most families, their home is their biggest investment,” said Commissioner Causey. “I urge homeowners to protect their investment by making sure they have sufficient insurance coverage, and to make sure they review their coverage with their insurance agent at least annually.”

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